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WASTED GENIUS - The Sequel to Common Genius

Learn why Darwin is so irrelevant when dealing with human beings. Discover why all children, of all races, everywhere on earth, are truly born equal, possess comparable potential, and must be accorded equal opportunity, nurturing, and respect.

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"A refreshing new look at our children’s needs that points to a new understanding of how children develop, spells out how schools and parents can cultivate the full potential of our children, makes many established educational policies obsolete—and bares the grim future in store for us, and America, if we fail to act quickly"

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The author makes the case for a fuller awareness of what constitutes human capability, the source of genius, the essential role of pragmatic thinking, and the limitations of abstract thought.

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"...throw off your small thoughts. Sail away!  Discover new knowledge, doubt all experts, exercize your free will, and visit the Isabella »